The Taxman’s Trick (Revisited)

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Hector He’s done it again. Once again I have submitted my self-assessment  (the income tax declaration for the U.K.), and as decided two years ago, did so voluntarily based on the experience back then.

Same thing happens! After a while, the Inland Revenue sends me three letters:

  1. Thank you very much we have reviewed your declaration.
  2. Don’t bother filing a tax declaration next year (unless your circumstances change), as you are on PAYE and your tax life is very straight forward.
  3. We have completed your tax assessment and find that you overpaid by X (X being a four digit figure in pound Sterling).

So, I rung and asked why letters (2) and (3) combined make sense. Would they have detected the overpayment confirmed in (3) without my self-assessment?

They assure me that they would have, eventually. Apparently, they would have asked for two documents eventually, neither of which would have carried a direct reference to the source of the overpayment.

Will I rely on the Inland Revenue’s scheme? I don’t think so.

0 thoughts on “The Taxman’s Trick (Revisited)

  1. I am glad you relied on self and didnt loose out, here in the US, we were ripped off quite a bit of money a few years ago, I call them thieves, I dont trust them one bit either.