Fresh Bread

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Selbstgemacht Reporting the latest addition to the household: a new Panasonic SD255 bread maker. Our old no-name model was worn out from too much seeded dough over several years, and was no longer able to provide a good mix. With the Teflon coating severely scratched, it also got increasingly hard to get the loaf out once finished.

So, I got myself a new one.

Very nice. First, it makes almost no noise (you could hear the old one through the house when it was kneading). Second, it is much better insolated (good for the electricity bill). It has timer operation (great for fresh bread for breakfast), automatic seed dispenser (no more hanging around and waiting for the seed alarm 40 to 60 minutes into the program) and takes much more time for making the dough.

Stop by and sample. It’s great!

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