Henry Coe’s Legacy Subject to Lethargy

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Frog Lake Turns out that my favourite State park in California’s South Bay area, the Henry Coe State Park (the largest Californian State Park), is under thread of closure due to budget cuts.

I went there as soon as I heard about this, and inquired. I also did a very nice walk to Frog Lake (if you ever do this hike, walk half way around the lake and sit on the fallen tree. It’s one of the most peaceful spots in the world), then back via Middle Ridge.

Anyway… The rangers were very pleased that someone showed an interest, but no, they don’t have a petition to sign or any other form of activity going, not even information on site on this subject.

Seems like they will be waiting until decisions are firm, also know as it being too late. Is this stupid or what?

I wrote a letter to the San Jose Mercury News; maybe it gets published. Not about their lethargy but about the closure plans of course.

0 thoughts on “Henry Coe’s Legacy Subject to Lethargy

  1. Thanks for the info, Karen. I knew about the fire. Fortunately, only the area east of the middle ridge is affected, leaving a lot of beautiful park for now.
    You’re quite right re/ the budget and proposed savings. The loss would be huge in terms of nature preservation and outdoors relaxation, by saving a tiny little bit of money for -what…three?- park rangers.
    One prestigious official nonsense project less would probably save more. Oh, I’m getting all worked up again. Time to log off. Take care.

  2. I’m not too sure if you knew this or not, but Henry Coe suffered a huge fire last summer. The park closure is actually one of the 48 that may be closing. Gov. Schwarzenegger is the one proposing the closure indefinitely until the state can balance its budget. The closure is supposed to only help by 1%. You’re in luck, you have until the beginning of 2009 to go back if his proposal does go through. Pretty sad, really.

  3. didnt realize that you had got back…ok, let me catch up…will have to check out the pics too.