The Weather… According to the Cat

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donGiovanniDrinks According to Don Giovanni, the weather will be turning into a pretty warm spring really soon. He sheds his fur by hand fulls.

In his short term forecast, however, he always recommends vigilance, and staying in doors when only the slightest doubt arises.

And stick closely to the humans following short periods of their absence.


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0 thoughts on “The Weather… According to the Cat

  1. Don Giovanni does indeed get the weather forecast right at occasions (such as those on which he choses to stay in doors and it ends being a rainy day), but I would hold agains your bet, knowing his brain does not exceed the physical and intellectual size of half an apricot. His forecasts are less reliable than the BBC’s, but maybe Radio Philly employs a frog. In which case Don Giovanni stands a fighting chance. Unless it comes to a fight of course, in which case he shows the one clever move he can: he flees.