This Week, I Have Been Mostly Eating…

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sardines Why don’t you come and share my life? You can do so now, and you can even pretend to me by preparing the same meals as I. Here’s what I was mostly eating this past week (or what I recently cooked and could have been eating). Maybe it helps answering the perpetual question What shall we have for supper tonight?

Omlette with flaked salmon and green asparagus.

A nice Cabonara with scallops.

Hanwell Goreng.

Fillet of Haddock wrapped in rosemary and bacon, green asparagus, and roasted potatoes.

Steak Frites with homemade garlic butter, new potatoes and green salad.


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0 thoughts on “This Week, I Have Been Mostly Eating…

  1. Dosenbratwurst? Das erinnert mich doch and Euren ersten Londonbesuch mit einem ganzen Karton voller Dosenhausmacher!
    Ich glaube, wir haben seitdem die Dosenwurstperiode abgeschlossen…

  2. Uff- ich hatte schon gedacht,es hätte nur Sardinen gegeben und es wäre Zeit, mal Dosenbratwurst zu schicken.