No Benefit

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gherkin 60% of Londoners think there is no benefit to them and their region in the 2012 Olympics, and a smaller but significant percentage has much more negative views.


We can not give it “now that we thought about it some more no thank you” back, can we?

I guess many are right: it will be much more expensive than initially planned, many areas will see no benefit, not all the new and shiny things will come to good and full use afterwards. Maybe it was a foolish idea to apply in the first place, and maybe it wasn’t. Point is the decision has been taken.

Let’s find that good and positive and forward-looking spirit once more, and let’s get on with it. It would be too bad to see this country turning into a nation or perpetual moaners, as the media sometimes suggests.

Failing that, I shall go and make my own country. Or my own media. Or both. Maybe I should follow Prince Michael‘s footsteps.