Cold-blooded Murder?

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DonGiovanni This week's congratulations go to Don Giovanni. He is now nine years old, and has last week managed to catch his first ever mouse – at least as far as we know.

He brought it home and found himself flying all the way to the cherry tree ten seconds later, while the mouse flew into into the opposite direction (the rubbish bin). Thankfully, the cat had done the deed and the little rodent was already dead, but I assure you that it was fresh. I hate having to complete the deed (and where are those slippers anyway?).

So. Don Giovanni catches a mouse. Who would have thought?

We are not sure what was going on. Presumably, the mouse died from a heart attack, and Don Giovanni just happend to find the body first. It is quite possible that he brought it in on a rescue mission. Or, he caught and killed the mouse by accident. He might have been chasing a dried leaf and accidentally hit the mouse fatally, or the mouse might have been watching him, inquiring about his age, and laughing itself to death.

I cannot believe that we were facing the results of cold-blooded murder, though.

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  1. Was weisst denn Du wie so ein Goldhamster schmeckt? Vielleicht wuerdest Du dann auch ein bissel verdattert gucken, aber ich rate vom Selbstexperiment aus aesthetischen und hygienischen Gruenden ab.

  2. Es gibt noch mehr solche Viecher. Gestern habe ich von einem Golden Retriever gehört der (aus Versehen?) den Familienhamster im Maul gehabt hat und dann blöd geguckt hat. Der Hamster war nach dem Sabber-Abwischen wieder wie neu.

  3. Paul hat meines Wissens in den letzten 17 Jahren genau einen Vogel gefangen. Den hat er aber nicht getötet, sondern gerupft.