Adam and Eve

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macaque I thank my good fortune that I did not have this conversation with a dedicated follower of Christian creationism. I had this conversation with someone who had, however, and learnt that followers of this theory might in fact allow for some evolutionary development. They would acknowledge, so I learn, that all man descent from Adam and Eve, and that the obvious differences in skin colour or statue or many other physiological differences evolved from those common ancestors.

Although not entirely correct in evolutionary terms, I am very tempted to adopt two Chimpanzees and call them Adam and Eve.

I am not quite sure why creationism can’t place the moment of divine intervention at the Big Bang, though. After all, we might discover what happened a few milliseconds after the big bang, but how it came about in the first place will probably remain a mystery.

Unfortunately, I was unable to question my informant any further on that subject. If anyone knows, please share your knowledge here – but please don’t tell me this is based on literal reading of the bible’s worksheet of God’s first seven days on the job.

My personal preference for divine intervention would involve a more permanent concept however, not a hit-and-run scheme.

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