This Week I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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underklaeder Nice food. Lovely food, much (but not all) prepared in a wok. Did I tell you that I now own a brilliant one-portion wok (on account of the good wife being traveling frequently, and on account of the part being far better than a saucepan?). Brilliant – not the travels, but the mini-wok.

A Chinese-esque noodle soup with seafood

A quick creamy and rich Chicken soup with white wine and mushrooms

Another one of those lovely Aubergine tarts. (A bit of work, but well-worth the effort, and just perfect for a quick Saturday lunchtime or before or after the-concert-bite.)

Good old bangers and chunky potato and parsnip mash, with an onion Madeira gravy, and tipsy fruit tartlets (you can tell this is Friday eve, can’t you?)

Spaghetti with olives, anchovy, goats cheese and red chilly (you can tell this is Sunday evening, when the good wife requests “some sort of quick pasta”)

Malaysian noodle soup with chicken and king prawns (using the regular full-sized wok, as the good wife gave company for this)

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