A Tasty Finish

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girolles The wife, as you may know, narrowly and luckily escaped from being a tree victim of crime in Geneva only a few days ago, by way of having her handbag both stolen and recovered within minutes. She took up the challenge to better, and succeeded by having her purse stolen proper in Paris only last week. So I canceled all the plastic (once more), and flew out to go and get her.

One lovely short break in Paris later, after several agreeable meals, a visit to the Louvre, one to the new Musée du quai Branly, many enjoyable walks between Montmartre and St. Germain de Pres, we return through a thoroughly disorganised Charles De Gaulle airport. With us travel half a kilo of Girolles (large canterelles), bought in Montmartre at an insanely low price of €9 the kilo, and 250g bolets (eng: boletus?), bought at not quite so low a price (no numbers here).

After unashamedly ignoring the import restrictions and arriving home, these make for a lovely supper and a great finish to our Paris shortbreak.

I remain convinced that the ideal place to live is a blend of Paris (for the food, obviously), London (for the people), and Syndey (for weather and water). Maybe we’ll find such a place some day.

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