A Grinding Halt (Again)

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provence A reoccurring theme. I reported on my parent’s old coffee grinder 2 1/2 years ago, and then again two years ago. In April 2007, I have finally proudly reported on the successful purchase of my Gaggia MM coffee grinder.

I have been grinding my own ever since, but let me warn you: the Gaggia MM is a heap of junk, and not worth the money.

After only 1 1/2 years, the grinder broke. It would still make horrific noise, but instead of grinding, it would only break the beans into a number of chunky pieces. So, I flung it far away.

Frustrated about the short life of this medium-priced grinder, and after brief consultation with myself, the wife and the bank account, I decided to go for quality: a Kitchen Aid Pro coffee grinder now adorns my countertop, and pleases me every day under the sun (or under the clouds).

5 solid kilogram, aluminum cast case, glass containers for beans and ground coffee, an on/off switch that stays in position without a permanent thumb, stainless steel adjustable burr grinder, low rotating speed (thus no burning of the coffee with high grinding temperatures), and low noise levels. The metal case also prevents the electrostatic charge that presented a problem with the (plastic) Gaggia.

It feels like I bought a grinder for life. Given the very substantial cost, I certainly hope this is the case. I will be overjoyed if you stop by some day and ask for a freshly ground Cafe Latte or a lovely espresso.

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  1. That would be something. You’d be *most* welcome (you knew that anyway, but just in case you weren’t sure…). When are you coming?