A Green Car Surprise

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rueDuParadis Some of you know what we own two cars, although we only really need one these days. We are holding on to the second one for convenience; the idea is to trade in both against a single replacement car, with a size between the two present cars, once more attractive green or green-ish alternatives are available. Green is my favourite colour anyhow.

More and more hybrid engines are available already, and their availability, cost, and battery life will probably improve over the next year or two.

For curiosity, I was looking into pure electric cars, too, and found a Nice car company. 40 miles reach at mixed mode driving and 8 hours or more for a full charge. That doesn’t really work, not even as a second car. 

The part that really blew me was that these electric cars are sold with either manual or automatic transmission. What? A mechanical transmission? What is wrong with a nice electronic four-quadrant variable frequency direct drive, delivering lots or torque with minimum friction straight to the axis?

I’d expect something like what the nice guys from Tesla Motors do. An accelerator, a stirring wheel, breaks, and a direction selector: go forward, or go backwards. Too bad they are having a hard time.

0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, yeah! Practically no noise. Top speed 125 mph, reach 220 miles (max), full charge as little as 3.5 hours. That’s more like it.

Too bad it’s only a (very beautiful) roadster with negligible room for luggage. You can’t even store its price tag in it, which is kind of huge (ahem… €90,000). I can’t wait for more reasonably priced and slightly more useful alternatives to become available in the next few years.