This Week I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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pan This week, I’ve been mostly eating pretty nice food, actually. My home cooking enthusiasm has its ups and downs. Although I do not yet know whether I am approaching a hill or a mountain, it’s definitely going uphill right now.

Left-over fettuccine (from last week), fried up with bacon and free-range eggs. One of the few meals where ketchup is acceptable, and the only one where it is essential. Basic, quick, simple, but quite nice.

Beef tomatoes filled with spicy minced lamb and slowly steamed, with rice and a spicy sauce made from reduced tomatoes, chilly and basil. (Best with tomatoes, their fillings and the rice served hot but the sauce being at room temperature, so comparatively cold.)

Fresh chicken noodle soup. Four wings, four thighs, a handful of left-over vegetables (a tomato, a pak-choi, some celery), an onion, some garlic, chilies, lemon grass, ginger, and off you go!

Pizza and beer.

Egg fettuccine with smoked salmon, green asparagus and, ahem, truffles. Yeah. It’s the simple things!


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