Cirque du Soleil

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critter I was with Cirque du Soleil the other day. Not a live performance this time, and I didn't actually expect very much from the DVD. We saw some of their live shows, so surely, no watching from the sofa can match the live experience?

Don't worry. The home cinema doesn't come anywhere near the real thing. However, that doesn't make any of the numbers less mind-boggling and awe-inspiring, and many of the acrobats still defy gravity. Watching from the DVD also doesn't make the whole show less arty-farty, ahem, poetic. Those aspects are easier to endure in a live show. 'sis very French, or French-Canadian.

So, my conclusion is: Cirque du Soleil on DVD is plan B compared to the real thing, but it is a pretty good plan nevertheless.

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