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louvre I was looking into ways of making sense of this. The buzzword is the semantic web, or web 3.0, but actually, this doesn’t stop at the web. The goal is to throw a piece of text, such as this article or any other textual information, written in a human language, at a machine.

The machine would then think about it, and reply with information that describes what the input text is all about.

This semantic analysis leads to better categorising, and better retrieval, of information. The next generation Google, if you want.

I was looking into OpenCalais first. They provide the first tier of such an analysis, extracting keywords such as Paris or England from a text, telling me one is a city and the other a country. That’s pretty nifty for a machine.

I even wrote a Windows Live Writer plug-in that tries to make sense of OpenCalais’ output, but I wasn’t really getting where I wanted to be. Well, not within an 8 hour effort anyway.

Then I found Zemanta, and I am in love.

While I am writing this article (in Windows Live Writer), the Zemanta plug-in automatically supplies clever links to enrich my text. All the links in this text are automatically generated by Zemanta; some explain keywords through Wikipedia, others go to Google Maps, or product or company home pages.

Zemanta also suggests images (none used here), keywords (tags), and provides a list of suggested external links, leading to other articles elsewhere on the web, concerned with the same issues.

Isn’t that totally super hyper übercool?

It is.

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  1. Andraz Tori :@w7
    Cool. Whatever you need, just tell me.

    You’ve got it in your inbox. More than you bargained for, I fear ;-)

    (sorry for double posting – browser problems)

    I blame dreamhost, my otherwise brilliant hosting company. I struggle, too, today.

  2. Andraz Tori :Hi,
    and to make things übercool squared, CTO from Zemanta stops by your blog and tells you that Zemanta also has an API […]
    byeAndraz Tori, CTO at Zemanta

    Thanks, Andraz. The API documentation is printed and sits on my desk already, don’t you worry. I’ll describe my plans by email…

  3. Hi,

    and to make things übercool squared, CTO from Zemanta stops by your blog and tells you that Zemanta also has an API that allows you to create your own mashups or use it for processing documents or anything else that comes to your mind.

    Also we are gathering ideas about how Zemanta could help even further!

    Andraz Tori, CTO at Zemanta

  4. And übercoolness does not stop there!

    Then Zemanta’s CTO comments on your blog that there exists Zemanta API too, and you can create your own applications with it. Beyond what you already described API also provides categorization of texts into more than 100k hierarchical categories.

    Also we are looking for feedback on how to make Zemanta even better! Email me.

    Andraz Tori, CTO at Zemanta