The Mysterious Ingredient

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pains I have a sourcing problem: For my favourite bread, I need white spelt flour. White spelt flour, unfortunately, is terribly difficult to source here in West London. Ecotopia delivered twice, but only with difficulties, delays and excuses, and after chasing them up. After we had a bit of an argument with the last order, I can’t go back to them now and order a third batch, can I?

I knew you’d understand my little problem here.

Waitrose and others have come a very long way over the years, though. What used to be a choice of white, malted, or self-rising wheat flour, is now a choice among more than a dozen of flour types even in a B-class supermarket. Still, no white spelt flour. Some sell a healthy-looking Stoneground Spelt, which makes the bread dreadfully dry. It’s like eating straw.

While I continue searching for the real thing, I think I might have cracked it now. It doesn’t need a little more water. It needs an insane amount of water. The following works wonderfully in my bread maker, using the French setting:

200g white wheat flour (use ‘bread flour’, or ‘long flour’ as we call it at home)
150g stoneground spelt flour
50g buckwheat flour
50g butter
Yeast, pinch of sugar, two pinches of salt
350ml water – this is 70ml more than with the pure wheat flour dough. Insane, I told you.

Done. Nice and fluffy. Too fluffy, as it happens, but at least it is no longer straw-like. Still looking for a source for white spelt flour though.


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0 thoughts on “The Mysterious Ingredient

  1. Ein Mehlmahlwerk fuer die Bosch? Daran habe ich noch gar nie gedacht. Meine gute Gattin faellt vor Lachen sicher vom Stuhl wenn ich jetzt auch noch anfange mein Mehl selber zu malen, aber immerhin rollt sie schon lange nimmer mit den Augen. Ich habe angedroht meinen Kaffee selber roesten zu wollen, aber die Kaffeeroesterin meines Vertrauens macht jetzt eine Spezialroestung extra fuer mich. Dieser Kelch ist also schon mal an uns vorbeigegangen.

    Muss mal schauen ob’s im hiesigen Tamme ungemalenen Dinkel gibt.

    Jetzt hast Du mich auf eine Idee gebracht…. Aber bevor der Ausbau beendet ist, wird das sicher nix. Bis dahin gibt’s sowieso ueberwiegend take-away, fuerchte ich.

  2. Selbermahlen? du hast doch die gute kleine Bosch-Küchenmaschine, oder nicht?