The Universal Cure for Anyone

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coffeeInStockholm She promised to help anyone address, solve and deal with, any issues you might have – anything. That’s interesting, I think to myself, let’s see what she can do for me.

I notice her classroom audience is entirely made of women, who sit in benches and listen attentively, while being completely naked. Oh, I think, this must be a good exercise in self-confidence, and I am even more intrigued.

She then proceeds to enumerate the many maladies and insecurities her method is guaranteed to cure, and presents us with a little goodie bag. No informative material, but a reusable shopping bag and some body lotion. How nice.

Now she’s talking again. In the manner of a great mathematical proof, she daisy-chains one conclusion to the other and, with the help of a few nice diagrams, flipcharts and whiteboard, tells us just who might benefit from her powerful technique. Some people just aren’t suitable for her plan after all. Turns out she’s focussing on those who don’t have any issues to deal with at all.

I am about to raise my voice in half protest, half mockery, but then three things happen all at the same time: I get stung by a mosquito, one of the builders knocks at the front door, and I wake up.

Lovely. The Kopfkino didn’t play me a real nutcase dream in a long time, but in this case, the nutcase is me.

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  1. Ich hatte schon befuerchtet aus der Uebung zu sein, aber so einfach passiert das offenbar nicht. Ich bleibe jetzt am Ball ;-)