This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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scale This week, I’ve been mostly eating out:

Lots of nice Chinese food at Happiness Gardens, Boston Parade (in honour of J’s visit from Oz),

Lots of nice Polish food at the new Polish place whose name I forget in West Ealing, chiefly consisting of beer, cabbage, meat and herring. Interesting that, judging by this single experience, the Polish cuisine appears to be right in the middle between German and Ukraine. Goes to show that a cuisine is not subject to political borders.

Paella, homemade, and in celebration of our extension work. This was the last “proper” meal before the kitchen went, and oh-so lovely it was. The kitchen, and the paella. Both will be even better soon, so sit tight…

Tortilla picante (which really means nothing but a good and simple way to use leftovers from boiled potatoes, eggs, and spicy chorizo).


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