Dear Music Industry

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rome Media informs me that you are in a dire situation, with You Tube, iTunes, peer-to-peer file sharing, illegal downloading, and all that. I am truly sorry, for I understand all this modern technology means you are no longer holders of the monopoly of distribution, and you can no longer sell outdated technology in the shape of a flat piece of vinyl or silvery plastic at prices that you dictate.

Now, listen up. Here’s where you’ve got it right for a change:

Recently, I watched a documentary on the telly, telling the story of Genesis’ 2007 European tour. I liked what I saw, and bought an official copy of the Genesis When In Rome DVD set. Three DVDs for £15, featuring the aforementioned documentary, three hours of a very fine concert, and lots of background material and extra features.

I will happily pay the same again for a similar product. This is a good product, well worth its money. Compared to a single 50 minute playtime CD, which you used to sell at the same or similar price, this is a lot of value for the money.

Well done.

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