Mighty Inconvenient

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DSCF2265 I can assure you that it is mighty inconvenient to have the fresh water tap outside, the makeshift kitchen in the first floor front bedroom, the sink in the first floor bath, and fridge and freezer in the hall on the ground floor. Oh, and cutlery in the makeshift lounge, downstairs.

I am used to climbing our stairs many times each day, but now I am breaking all records. I must learn the most efficient way of making a cup of coffee.

Talking of which… it’s also mighty inconvenient that nobody seems able to supply my cooker, microwave and hob; apparently, the new range at Neff, Siemens and Bosch is coming up soon, so stock levels of the current range are low. I may need to chose a different oven after all – shame, really. I really liked the idea of Neff’s B1664N0, combined with the H5972 combination microwave oven.

I am not giving up, though. Not yet.

Bamboo flooring is also chosen and on order from Tongling for just-in-time-delivery.

Latest photos are now online and available right here.

[Edit] Many people talk about the recent arrival of Google Map Streetview in the UK. We are right here. The picture must have been taken during last year’s summer, when we had the landscaping work done. The skip shown by Google is not our current skip, and we don’t always have a skip in the front of the house. [/Edit]

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