A Very Special Service

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thistle I mentioned coffee a few times already, so you’d be right to assume that I really like a really good coffee. I normally buy roasted beans from anothercoffee.co.uk, and found the Ethiopian Sidamo just the perfect choice.

When I re-ordered not too long ago, the coffee was lame, so I spoke to the lady who runs the shop in order to find out whether the previous or the current batch were ‘standard.’ Turns out the first batch must have been roasted too dark, and the lame stuff is the norm.

You’d normally expect the story to end here and now, but not so Carolyn. She made a test roast (“Special Dark W7 Sidamo”), overshoot the mark (too dark), and hit the perfect spot in the second attempt.

So, now I get my very special Ethiopian Sidamo W7 Medium-dark Roast. Brilliant, innit? Stop by for a sample.


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