Highway Robbery Schemes For My Dishwasher

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DSCF1774 Buy any one appliance anywhere these days, and you’ll be pestered with numerous attempts to make you sign up for an extended warranty or appliance insurance of some sort. Do as I do, and buy multiple appliances from multiple places at the same time, and you’ll get a flood of those calls.

Just in case you’re reading this and aren’t sure about these schemes: forget it. It goes like so:

I buy a new dishwasher today for £400. They’d like to sign me up for their lifetime warranty scheme at £6 per month, claiming an average expected life of 3 to 5 years.

I’d have made a poor purchase decision if my new dishwasher indeed breaks down after 3 to 5 years already, but even if it does, I’d have paid almost the equivalent of a new unit in “insurance premium” by then.

If my dishwasher lives more than 6 years, I’d be wasting my insurance money. The merchant gets a better price than I do, so he has a nice little constant earner from 2 to 3 years lifetime onwards, plus a guaranteed return customer. If the merchant goes under meanwhile, he’s in no obligation to me.

This doesn’t even include the many causes of dishwasher death which would, presumably, be exempt from the policy by way of fine print.

I am a great big old fool, but not big enough a fool for them.

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