Upmarket Oil

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canna Low-grade olive oil comes in metal canisters, but the decent stuff comes in nice glass bottles.

So do all the many other specialist oils: walnut oil or raisin or whatnot – except Sunflower oil, which refuses to go upmarket, still selling in the same old, time-proven but nevertheless unappealing plastic bottles.

One would have thought the sunflower oil people would want to open a door into a higher price segment with better quality and nicer presentation.

I use Sunflower Oil only for those jobs that don’t agree with the sharp flavour of a good olive oil, and for mundane tasks such as oiling a wok or a frying pan, and I can’t really see myself changing this practise, even if sunflower oil suddenly came along in a nicer presentation and with a claim of superior quality. The mind boggles nevertheless.

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