The Bees and I

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bloom There’s a lot of press coverage about the demise of bees recently – apparently, bees all over the world have been disappearing at an alarming rate, and for not fully understood reasons. This frustrates hobby bee keepers, but brings agriculture into serious jeopardy in many countries.

No bees, no apples, the simple truth goes.

While that is truly worrying on a global scale, I was of course worried about my own mini-orchard first of all. I am happy to report that both the pear and cherry trees are well pollinated, and are heaving with fruit. Surely I will lose most to the birds and some to the slugs, but I am hopeful that we might be able to harvest some of it for ourselves.

Maybe I have finally understood a little more about tree pruning than before, too. After a recent and very stimulating visit to RHCS Wisely Gardens, I am thinking we’ll also have us an apple tree and some raspberries maybe, once the garden begins to return to normality.

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