Pommes Dauphinoise with Halibut a la Grecque

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PommesDauphinoise I mentioned Pommes Dauphinoise with Halibut and Tuna a la Grecque just yesterday. This is one of those lovely meals that don’t take much time and are ever so rewarding, so here goes:

Pommes Dauphinoise:

Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius.

Peel and wash waxy potatoes, and use a slicer to slice them into 3 mm slices. Lightly butter a oven proof dish, spread the slices into the dish.

Mix a good amount of black pepper, some salt and ground nutmeg with enough cream to just cover the potatoes with this mix – the lasagne dishes that you can see used in today’s photo take about 200ml of cream each.

Pop into the oven, set the kitchen timer to 60 minutes, and take a break. Come back 20 minutes before the potatoes are done.

Halibut and Tuna a la Grecque:

Works with any bone or white fish as long as it doesn’t flake too much. Halibut steaks are good, Swordfish steaks are even better (but currently out of season). Tuna works, and so do many others. Use pretty thick slices (at least 2..3 cm, or one inch).

Prepare the fish (rinse and clean, but leave the skin on).

Heat a generous amount of olive oil. Add an extraordinary amount of coarsely ground black pepper (at least one table spoon), a teaspoon of salt, at least 5 crushed cloves of garlic, and a finely diced red hot chilly pepper.

Quickly shallow-fry the fish for 2..4 minutes each side, depending on its thickness. Then drizzle juice from half a lime per portion over the fish (lime, not lemon), put the lid on and let it steam for the remaining 5..8 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

Greek Salad:

Chip half a cucumber and a handful of ripe tomatoes into pieces. Make a dressing from half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of mustard, 3 table spoons olive oil, two table spoons white wine vinegar, and a generous pinch of thyme – lemon thyme preferred, if available.

Since the salad accompanies a whole meal (rather than acting as a starter or a lunch by itself), forget the feta cheese that otherwise features in Greek Salad.

See what I mean? 30 minutes preparation time, one hour cooking time, and a very lovely meal. Enjoy!

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