More Home Improvements

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books I lost count, and that in itself is a nice thing: I lost count of the many changes we finally managed to make to improve our home. It started with the outside granite paving in front and back, the new bicycle shed and the new tool shed, the rubbish shelter (also known as the bunny cage). We had built a rear extension, and we have now finally managed to complete the construction of our new shelves for the lounge.

I cut all the boards from nice redwood boards – some where slightly warped, but most were all right, beautifully smelling and looking.

The first challenge was to work out the height of all the boards so that it looks OK yet provides all the space and different heights required for CDs, DVDs, hundreds of books, electronics, and whatnots.

The second challenge was to cut all the boards without screwing-up too much. I am pleased to report just one systematic error (all needed a 3mm adjustment), which was easy to apply, but no cutting error otherwise. Given the large number of cuts and number of different boards, I am quite pleased with that.

Thirdly, we had to put it all together straight, without wobble or other odd effects.

Well. Take a look yourself. I think it works out nice. It isn’t perfect (as everyone can see on close inspection), but it’s mine, custom built to huge satisfaction and low cost.


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