Some Like it Rough

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DSCF0601 There’s the regular white crystalline stuff, and the ground, powdery stuff. There’s brown-ish stuff in various degrees of brown and moisture, which I take is less refined than the white crystalline stuff.

I am of course talking about sugar.

Then, there are cubes made from the white or the dry brown crystalline stuff. Neat cubes with plane sides and firm edges, but most trendy bars and restaurants will give you the rustic ones, cubes with uneven sizes and shapes, not so perfect sides and rounded edges.

Would anyone know how those are made?

When you go into the tile shop and buy natural looking marble tiles, for example, these are precision cut, then tumbled artificially to make them look natural. The tumbling process cracks them some, and chips some edges away.

Are rustic cubes made from the neat ones, or is it a different process all together?


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