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bull Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I suppose we all have gotten used to Email spam, and with reasonably modern filters in place, few should be bothered by too many offers of adult products, pills, cheap loans or a seven-digit figure inheritance waiting in Nigeria.

There’s blog spam, too. Thankfully, tools like Akismet filter it well, but I admit being pretty upset about this whole business.

Blog spam works by commenting on a blog post. The author would make any comment on anything. The comment itself, and the author’s details, would contain links to sites selling the unwanted products or services. So, while I am happy to ignore those links, I can’t help but reading some of these comments when checking the spam queue. Every time I do so, and every time, I want to shout insult at the author:

“Splendid article. Will definitely copy it to my blog. Thanks.”   I sure hope not, you idiot.

“Gerry, a very interesting post thanks for writing it!”  Can you even read? And who’s Gerry?

“How much money will a team get if they win the Premiership?”  Yeah right. Obviously very relevant to this blog.

“Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.”  At least I don’t insult people with irrelevant comments and unwanted hyperlinks. OK, partially guilty on my own site.

“Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?” Not until you learn the difference between one and once.

And so it goes on. I know. I should just be happy that Akismet filters most and ignore them, but somehow, these guys really wind me up. I mean, how low can a person sink?


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