One Ton of Timber

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hochbeet_01 Approximately one metric ton of timber and a few days work later, and the frames for the raised beds are ready; all interlocked and screwed together with the brilliant Fastenmaster Timberlock screws (Britons note: screwed, not nailed ;-)

Very therapeutic work, undertaken during some of the finest days for this year, and completed with only minor injuries (and a bit of luck, given that I almost broke my foot at some stage).

Anyway, these frames look good already. Can’t wait until we have herbs and salads, and maybe some raspberries, in them.

Next thing now is to find a way to move 3 to 4 tons of topsoil from some roadside delivery place into those frames without breaking my back. Looks like I am in need of one or two strong young men for a day or so.


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0 thoughts on “One Ton of Timber

  1. Close, but no quite. I built the raised beds all by myself. Dave gave me a hand with a couple of old oak railway sleepers, which we used to build a patio area just outside the big window.
    You need to come around. It’s a great place to sit upon and sip a wine.