The Winds of Change

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henryMoore David Cameron is breaking the winds of change. I suppose there’s little to stop him now, following an eloquent speed containing lots of hollow phrases. Even though I hate the idea of yet another polished and styled politician leading the country, it is certainly time for a change.

Too bad there isn’t a real alternative to chose from.

Anyway, I wasn’t so much wondering about David Cameron but about Steve Hilton. I suppose initially, leading modern-time politicians and hopeful candidates had an advisor. A panel of advisors. An assistant. Maybe a press officer. A speech writer, and a campaign manager.

When did it start that hopeful candidates (and some of those elected) were in need of a Head of Marketing of the unquestioned calibre of advertising expert Steve Hilton?

I hate the idea that our modern politicians are all styled like one would otherwise brand a fashion accessory. Whatever happened to a convincing argument, a promising strategy, a steadfastness in certain principles of politics, humanity and morality?


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