Please. Pretty Please

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home Ealing Council, it its endless wisdom and in neglect to their duties, decided to pay back part of the local tax. The argument is that they have “too much money,” the neglect is that they fail to spend it on any of the necessary things. Apparently, they consider it a job done, and think of the elections ahead.

Any half-wit can create a sheer endless list of things in need of the council’s attention and money. Schools, places for the young and places for the elderly. Road surfaces and pavement, playgrounds, public libraries, parks. Support for the arts. Public toilets. Fly tipping and littering, drug use and crime. Public transport, alternative transport, alternative energy. Support for the elderly, the sick, the poor. Wherever you look or point, there’s is need for work being done and moneys being committed.

People of Ealing. Please take the £50 cash back payment, which is due to arrive in your bank account in December, and turn it into some local goodness.

I round mine up to the next £100 and make a donation to Groundwork West London, supporting them to continue doing what the council should do in the first place. Whether you round up the £50 cash back is your decision, and so is the choice of the charity or cause you chose to support, but please use the money for the purpose it was intended for in the first place: for the best of the borough.

Please, pretty please?


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