Not Like Riding a Bicycle

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appleCake You’d think it’s just like riding a bicycle: once you learnt to do it, you’ll never forget, and you’ll never have to think about it again.

I have been very lazy with my cake baking over the last couple of years, especially on the more traditional, yeast dough based cakes from home. A quicky of Muffins or a Lemon Drizzle cake here and there, and even a Black Forest Gateaux once, yes, I will admit to those. Savoury cakes (such as quiches, pizze, onion bakes) are frequently made, and extra-rich desert cakes such as the Clafoutis au Pommes or a good old Tarte Tatin also feature regularly. And, there is regular bread making, too.

But, I have been negligent in the sweat yeast dough cake department. When I made an apple cake just this Saturday, I had to look up the recipe for sweat yeast dough that I wrote down many years ago. On cup of milk, it says. Bummer. I don’t know which cup that meant. In the end, I had to correct the dough while kneading.

It worked out all-right, but I used to get them perfect straight away.

Then, it goes into the oven. I had to fiddle around with the temperature after starting too hot (you’ll see the dark-ish corners in the picture here), and couldn’t quite remember when to take it out again.

I ended following my grandmother’s advise and used “as much milk as necessary,”  and baked it “until ready.”

Clearly not like riding a bicycle. Needs more practise to prevent loss of the skill.


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