Popp! Goes The Past

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fresnel lens Popp, she said, it just made Popp! and the light bulb was gone. (Thus are the ways of my domestic assignments.)

The bulb was gone, and with it, a good piece of history: it was one of the last remaining good old incandescent light bulbs. Oh, how I hate to see them go! The modern, “energy savingfluorescent lamps have a very questionable overall ecologic value (given they are full of electronics, toxic substances and some heavy metals). They tend to give a greenish light rather than a comfortable warm one, and take minutes to reach the full brightness.

At this point, nothing and nobody stops me from stockpiling huge amounts of incandescent light bulbs in all wattages, shapes, clear or matt, with bayonet socket (UK) or a regular E14 or E27, … The world of light bulbs is my oyster!

Or, is it? I cannot really ignore the argument of 60 watts (incandescent) compared to 12 (fluorescent). Not now, when folks meet in Copenhagen, agree to cut CO2 emissions, and probably plan to build a couple new nuclear power stations to fill the gap with “clean” energy.

I don’t need to tell you where the madness lies in this, but in terms of replacement light bulbs, I am defeated. At least, I notice that they do get better in terms of start-up performance and colour temperature.

Bye Bye, Thomas Alva Edison!


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  1. It should be noted that when it made “popp” the bulb fitting remained in the socket so that a surgical procedure was necessary to make the socket usable again. I might be a natural blonde, but I am able to change a light bulb under normal circumstances! However, I am not in charge of the tools, so had to ask the handyman who happens to be my husband for help…