Retirement Plans

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tomar I have two retirement plans: first, become a student of mathematics, and second, recover our old photos.

Turns out neither can wait, as retirement seems further away as I would want it to be. I started playing with maths in the evening back last November.

Now I bought a scanner capable of scanning 36mm colour slides and negatives, and started work on our old photos. While scanning those is a job for someone who doesn’t have anything better to do, I take my time and run them one after the other. I hope to get through before they crumble to dust or discolour entirely, and maybe even before I reach my retirement.

So far, I managed to get Portugal 1989, Denmark 1990, Acores 1991 and Acores 1992 done (click each for the album if you’re curious). Some photos are missing and the order is all over the place, but it’s still good for a trip down memory lane.

Actually, I have more plans for my retirement, but the others can wait.  Like, for example, playing LEGO (Click to see an incredible LEGO feat).


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