The Most Fascinating Kitchen

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quantas Modern flying machines are incredible high-tech machines. We all heard news of some flight computer taking over from the pilot, or pilots being overwhelmed by the complexity of the in-cockpit displays, the board computer having shut down, being lost, being too firmly in control, etc.

How fascinating that the switch panels in the service areas still look as if they were designed and made by the time of the Apollo 11 mission: big mechanical switches, secured to the aluminium front panel with thin 14mm nuts, simple lamps in different colours, engraved labels.

I guess there just never was a need to upgrade those panels, and it is probably just fine to control the cabin lights or the coffee machine with a good old switch which doesn’t need a reboot, and comes without the ramifications of computerized equipment in safety gear.

I just like the discrepancy in style, and always admire those 1960s panels.


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