This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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fire …welcome back home to my own bed, bath, kitchen and garden kind-of-food. This goes back a little further in time to just before Eyjafjallajökull:

Freshly baked bread with a fresh dark chicken liver pate. Lamb shanks on roasted cherry tomatoes, with pommes Dauphinoise, followed by Tiramisu.

Bengali-style roasted Haddock with aubergines in yoghurt and Basmati rice, followed by Three-ways pineapple (fresh, minted, and pan-fried).

Slow-cooked Boeuf Bourguignon with steamed potatoes and citrus jelly cubes, followed by cream of Zabaglione with slices of Sicilian blush oranges.

Single-egg omelettes with smoked salmon, accompanied by a small salad from cherry tomatoes and buffalo Mozzarella, followed by seared loin of lamb with pommes Dauphinoise, green asparagus and sauce Béarnaise. Then, a lovely Strawberry Cheesecake. It’s spring after all.


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