George, On Air in Three – Two – One

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flags In light of Britain‘s debt amounting to £893.4bn, our George announced drastic spending cuts and savings. £100m taken from Network Rail, £108m from London Transport, £5m from the Arts Council, and so the list goes on.

All amounts to £6.2bn. £893.4bn on one hand, £6.2bn on the other – hmmm. That’s not even 1%, and a lot of damage is already done to important public services.

Would it not be much nicer to make huge big savings with few cuts, instead of negligible savings many times over and over and over again?

Take Trident for starters. Something between £76bn and £130bn, plus the running cost of £1bn per year. A costly thread to peace, without any contribution to our safety or to protecting our way of life. Scrap it!

That’s what I call savings, and made for a good cause, too.

The war in Iraq is comparatively cheap (£1bn per annum), but still big savings compared to the populist £100m here-and-there approach. Round-up these savings by withdrawing from Afghanistan, and not engaging in the next game of guns somewhere. The world would most certainly turn into a safer place at the moment that we stop playing God in the middle east.

I don’t mean to pretend that I can solve the problem of the £893.4bn deficit, but surely if anything can solve it, then this requires bold steps rather than pathetic £6.2bn and a little show for the media here and there.

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  1. Roland Koch – Gott hat ihn noch nicht selig, aber er ist zurückgetreten – hat den guten Vorschlag gemacht, man könne ja auch mal an der Bildung sparen. Kann sein, dass es eine Berufskrankheit ist, aber ich finde, das hat auch einen Preis für dämliche Ideen verdient.

  2. Great – make savings on Network Rail and London Transport – we haven’t had a big rail accident for a while and politicians seem to assume that the public forgets about previous disasters and that they could have been prevented if only the companies had invested in the standard safety technology available at the time? And when the next big accident happens, the money will have to be spent anyway, only that people will have lost their lives and their health by then. There must be bettter ways to save money!