Works of Art, Beauty, and Good Taste

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Visit Jen's Cakery at Jen’s Cakery finally has its own web site up (or it might have been there for a while, but I didn’t notice earlier). So anyway, it’s time you go and take a look at those wondrous cakes.

Jen’s Cakery beautifully made site is here, with some wonderful pictures under Folio:

Lots more images are on the Flickr! Gallery, right here:

My favourites include the Jungle Safari Cake, the Sunflower Cupcake Bouquet, the Pirate Cupcakes, the Sinking Titanic Cake, and the Puffin Cake, but it’s soooo hard to choose! The only thing easy about this is the ease with which I forget work or any other matters when browsing those photos.

Just brilliant, so go and take a look, spread the word, buy the cakes.

Great stuff!

Which is your favourite?


(Photo with kind permission of Jen’s Cakery)

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