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Chickens (street decoration in Bornheim, Pfalz) I know. It is impolite to spy on others. Therefore, I don’t.

But, if something moves in the corner of anyone’s vision, anyone will refocus briefly, and take a quick look. As it happens in my case, the neighbour’s chicken cage (bought from a company sensibly called Omlet) sits right in the left bottom corner of my field of vision, as I stare at a computer screen full of boring data.

The perfect distraction!

We have now donated a cabbage from our garden (the caterpillars had already eaten half of it), and I am now fascinated to see how enthusiastic the birds get through a whole half cabbage. You’d think there’s nothing else to a chicken’s life than food.

Assuming that chickens also break wind (do they?), I can only hope that Greenpeace isn’t going to put a siege on our street due to excessive methane emissions.


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