Social is Good For You and Me and Everyone We Know

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Welcome back. The concept of state is centred around the idea that all of us pay money into a pot, out of which certain services for the common good are being financed: Infrastructure such as roads, a decent public transport system, collection of household waste, schools, a postal service, – well. I know. You know. It’s a social thing, no matter how conservative you might be. S-O-C-I-A-L ain’t bad. It isn’t socialism, not communism. It’s actually a good thing. I know that you know, and you know that I do.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and tell them! ‘Coz them don’t know, them silly boys. Business Secretary Vince Cable’s latest foolishness is to privatise or sell Royal Mail, because it is allegedly dependent on an injection of private money and expertise.

So, let me see. We sell Royal Mail. Somebody takes over, invests in clever automatic sorting machines, lets a bunch of people go (at the expense of the welfare system), and makes a profit (to his or her benefit). Makes sense, huh?

This is alleged to solve the profitability problem and to resolve Royal Mail’s pension problem. It is also alleged to continue to provide affordable, reliable and inexpensive postal services in the big cities, the country, and the remote islands.

Yeah. I see now how it makes sense. Just like one and one add up to nineteen.

Stop having those reports made. Keep the money saved by not having someone analyse an idea that is too silly to begin with, and invest into buying an experienced leader and some beautiful sorting machines. Finally, remember that running a social service by the state doesn’t require making a profit. It is a service paid by us, run for us, not run for profit.

It’s not so difficult to understand, is it?


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0 thoughts on “Social is Good For You and Me and Everyone We Know

  1. yes – for you and me it makes sense to have organisations run with our tax money not for profit, but obviously not for our politicians who believe in the miraculous powers of the economy and capitalism. They have also not learned their lesson from the economic problems in the last few years, which have clearly shown that leaving more freedom to the markets does not do the trick and in the end the state has to invest lots of money to keep the economy going…They really should ask us up front!