More Supermarket Adventures

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God knows what he might be managing. His donations box, probably. Here’s another one of those things I abhor about shopping in supermarkets. Actually, it might be two things, where one leads to the other:

First, find a manager. There’s always a handful of managers on the shop floor. You recognize them by their important appearance and general being-in-the-way. When appearing in a group of two or more, they can easily block off an entire aisle and prevent customers from being customers in the most oblivious way. Because they aren’t customers, they are managers.

Second, find a managing manager. This is one who speaks to, or speaks about, a member of staff. You recognize them by their complete disregard for privacy, discussing details of weekend compensation, shift duty and personal issues aloud, and in full earshot of customers.

The day isn’t far away when I will go and interrupt the managerial proceedings with an impromptu lecture in common sense, decency, and similar basic management skills.


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