Bouncy Egg

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A rose. Not an egg. No egg photo at hand right now. Watch this. It is good and innocent fun with science: (PDF). The idea is to remove the shell from a raw egg (put egg into white vinegar for 72 hours, then rinse gently).

This gives a soft but bouncy raw egg ball.

Pause science, in comes the amateur cook: will this taste good?

Maybe. Osmosis moves water molecules from the vinegar into the egg, making it fatter thus bouncy, but the vinegar’s acid should stay outside. I suspect that it won’t, so the next step should counter this effect:

The second egg goes further. Drench into golden syrup (a very strong sugar solution) for 10 hours, until it is dehydrated and shrivelled-up, as the water escaped the egg, trying to dilute that sugar. I suppose you could also use honey, or a very salty water solution.

Now make a nice colourful water solution using food dye, but I guess one could also use saffron, urucum (annatto), a dark broth, port wine. Put the shrivelled-up egg into a colourful watery liquid of your choice for another couple of hours until it is all bouncy again – and colourful. So, if some of the colour molecules make it through the membrane into the egg, why not the flavour molecules?

I’ll have to find out.


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