This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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Brandy Snaps …not so very elaborate food. Work has a tight grip on my time these days, and my Open University course work also keeps me busy, finishing one course and starting another at the same time. So, let me tell you what we cooked and ate a few weeks ago instead:

Gazpacho, followed by roasted Lamb Shanks served with Ratatoille, a freshly made spicy Apricot chutney and parsnip and potato mash. Hmm, that was yummy, and the Apricot Chutney went down very well indeed. We finished with a little Tarte Maman, always nice.

A quicky: Spaghetti Calabrese (tomato, capers, seafood). The perfect treat on a Sunday night; quickly made yet rewarding at the end of a Sunday.

Lamb Sheek Kebab, served with Tzatziki and saffron rice. A no-brainer, a quicky, a crowd-pleaser. Love it.

Chicken Ragout Limousin, served with Fetticcine. I admit to making-up the ‘Limousin’ part from porcini mushrooms and a creamy sauce, but Limousin or not, it tasted nice. We looked at the map and thought this could well be from the Limousin, hence the name.

Spiced cod with a poached egg, steamed Portuguese potatoes and mixed leaf salad. (Fish spiced with a Bengali-inspired mix of spices. Not a winner. I tried to spice-up the cod, but the rest of the family prefers the good old Fish Faja Grande instead. Well, I guess that’s because Fish Faja Grande is actually very, very, very nice. OK next time…


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