Terminal Station

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myself This is it, folks. You have reached the end of this blog.

I guess most of you saw if coming, just like a tube train slowing down to snail pace as it approaches its terminal station. As this blog comes to a halt, it’s time for you and me to go on and focus on more important matters.

Thanks for all the comments, in person and on line, and thanks for encouragement and support. After 1218 non-spam comments on 1030 posts in little over five years, it is now high time to move on and stop feeling guilty about not having posted a new article in three whole days.

0 thoughts on “Terminal Station

  1. Not even the odd recipe or what we were eating or a photograph of a curious sign? No more new art? Although I know about all this anyway it was always exciting to see it on the blog….I feel really sad now!

  2. What a shame – I will really miss it, and I guess there is no resurrection this time….