Hug a Hoodie!

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Strada Interrotta Road SignPeople deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard, H.L. Mencken said. Well. It’s a-coming. It’s coming at us, right now.

Britain is now preparing to pay the price for the questionable delights of having a conservative government. Punish them! Lock them up! Remove benefits from convicted looters and drive people into a full-time the criminal career!

While what happened last week is terrible, and terrible for all its brainless stupidity on the side of the rioters, what transpires now is just as bad, if not worse. Ed Miliband, the opposition leader, got carried away in the first adrenalin rush and joined in with the government. He’s now calming down and listening to some advisors, pleading that we should try and understand what has gone wrong in these children’s lives. He’s stands accused of being a hoodie hugger, what a joke.

Ed is now described as a political high-risk taker, basically because he expresses a desire to understand what went wrong. He’s far from knowing how to fix it, and he’s far from suggesting that tax payers’ money should be made available to help with the ground work: re-establishment of youth clubs, funding of street workers, improved housing, etc, etc.

It’s frustrating that the nation is happy to send thousands of troops out for murder, but it takes political suicide to even suggest spending a fraction of the same amounts of money to try to actually do something about the obvious social problem at home.

Over 2000 people have now been arrested in the wake of the riots. I don’t know what the ratio is, probable less then one in ten. That would mean that over 20,000 people were out and in some shape or form rioting. That’s far from being an entire generation, but surely is a big enough group to deserve immediate attention.


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