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2010-11-26 Vietnam and Cambodia 2010 967I am fascinated by the fact that, allegedly, gastronomy in our home area of Pfalz is chiefly run by cooks of Vietnamese origin (or probably more correctly of South-East Asian origin); no wonder you see so few in the streets. We ate in a typical local restaurant and learned that the local fare, cooked to perfection, is prepared by a Vietnamese cook who’s been cooking for them for 15 years. We know of other restaurants whose typical local menu is prepared by Vietnamese staff, and we heard of more.

I am wondering if any of the Vietnamese people save up and return to Vietnam at the end of a German working life. If so, will he or she then build a nice house and open a Pfälzischer Take-away? Not very likely, but surely the serving of Leberknödel, Bratwurst or Saumagen on the banks of the Mekong river would be as exotic as servings of Vietnamese food were to Germany 20 or 30 years ago. South-east Asian cuisine already includes sour pickled mustard and cabbages, making Sauerkraut not too alien altogether, and Bratkartoffel as well as  Leberknödel can be prepared in a Wok, so that all seems perfectly do-able and reasonable to me.


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