This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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saladFettuccine with Chanterelle mushrooms, hand-picked on a forest walk near our German home town. Nice.

Crispy Chicken on a bed of roasted cherry tomatoes, served with sage and butter fettuccine, and followed by a nutty apple crumble with lots of home-made custard (always a favourite with young and old, both the chicken part as well as the crumble part of the meal).

Roasted fennel salad with home-grown raspberries and fried goat’s cheese (and a couple of extra bits, provoking exclamations such as “there are five of my eight favourite things on this plate”). This followed by King Fish a la Grecque, served with thymed La Ratte potatoes and mixed summer vegetables (also went down a treat and the little-known King Fish got full marks again), this followed by a hot Nectarine bread pudding, served with freshly made Vanilla ice cream. Not a bad meal, that.

(The salad shown here is from a different occasion, but similar. This week’s had a roasted fennel base, no radish, no courgettes, but more raspberries. Nice either way.)

A Thai-esque Chicken Noodle Soup. Looking forward to our next trip to south-east Asia…


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