Grow Your Own

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DSC_0330For this Saturday’s dinner, feeding eleven diners, I used 2.5 kg of red wheat flour for fresh lasagne sheets and sourdough bread. I was just wondering how big a field we ate empty in one evening, for flour for bread and pasta making alone.

The BBC reckons you’d get a yield of 3 tonnes of wheat per hectare, when growing organically. 3000kg per 10 000m2 gives 3kg per 10m2, a square field of approximately 3 by 3m. Can this be right?

I realize the world has enormously huge wheat fields, much bigger than 3 by 3m, but there’s a lot of people out there. Gosh, what a lot of wheat, and what a lot of people. I guess it doesn’t even matter if my single dinner party chewed through 1m2 or 10m2 or even 20m2. Any number is huge when multiplied with the world population of 6.75 billion.


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