This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

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paperbag-porkPork medallions, steamed with lemon thyme and mushrooms in a paper bag, served with quince glazed pears, Swiss chard and a rosti, shown in this picture, and

Grilled Brown trout with green salad, fresh rye bread, fondant celeriac and celeriac remoulade. (Hmm, was it just me? I thought this trout had a brownish muddy flavour, not at all like a rainbow trout. Was this an exceptional specimen, or are brown trout generally inferior in flavour?)

Vegetable soup, including the absolutely last of this year’s Swiss chard harvest.

Seared breast of duck, served with pommes dauphinoise and braised red cabbage, followed by roasted almond ice cream and caramelized pineapple.


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