Controlled Parking Zone?

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parcometroThere’s a public hearing about a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Hanwell town centre, are they nuts?

Oh no, they are not. Painting a few yellow lines, erecting a few new signs, and charging £75 per resident’s car per annum (£40 for a visitor’s permit), and cashing in on fines, is pretty attractive against any of the true solutions. Those include

a) create and maintain sufficient short-term car park space for shoppers and church goers or, more importantly,

b) make public transport so attractive that short term car parking problems go away.

This is not even a very well disguised money-making scheme for the council, given that there is no car park shortage in this area in the first place. The only occasional car parking problems arise from one of three local and easily identifiable sources:

  • Excessive praying at Our Lady and St Joseph can lead to a short-term car parking demand,
  • The car park at Gold’s Gym only takes a dozen or so cars, where the demand is probably three or four times that much at peak times, and
  • The Cambridge Yard building site brings work men during the day, and some stay in their cars over night.

Surely, church, gym and building site could be asked to make suitable provisions, and to encourage use of public transport. This is just the usual Ealing council hare-brained nonsense. All in favour of a cheap fund raiser for the council, without solving the actual problem, please vote Yes on the Hanwell CPZ Hearing.

Anyone with their head intact, please join me in saying No. You’ve got until December 23rd for the 120 seconds needed to fill in the form and return it in the free envelop provided.

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